Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Filling out my Forces

Fantasy Flight Games had a huge sale (and by huge, I mean I got a $60 model for $20) on AT-43 and Confrontation Miniatures.

I was able to fill out my Karman Army and add some to my Therians and UNA forces as well. I also picked up some Red Block because there is a Therian unit (Omicron Nina Zero) that allows for taking a Red Block unit in a company she is a part of. Of course I didn't have the rules for her so I just purchased some infantry and not any AFV's. I of course realized that AFV's (Armored Fighting Vehicles) could be taken and even the dreaded Dotch Yaga could be fielded if there is a slot for it in the company platoon pattern. So I think I'm going to hold off on Red Block units until the Dotch Yaga is available here in the United States.

So without further ado, here are my forces.

All of my AT-43 Forces!

My Karman (and Favorite Army!)

The Therians

The United Nations of Ava!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best MINI Carring Case EVER!!!

I've been attempting to create the ULTIMATE MINI CARRYING CASE... and I've done it.

Thanks to a hardware store called Rockler, I found the clasps that I needed. Neither Home Depot or Lowes had what I needed, but Rockler did. OMG, I almost came when I found what I needed.

So, I have my two metal tool boxes from Harbor Freight.

I have two pieces of 2x4 cut to 5" in length each.

I drilled holes in the lid of one of the tool boxes (4 holes) per board.

I then drilled 4 holes into the side of each 2x4 for the clasps and the lower part of the other tool box. I then screwed the 2x4's onto the lid and put the clasps on, and then put the other half of the clasps on the lower half of the other toolbox.

I found that the screws in the lower half of the top tool box were hitting the mini's and I definitely didn't want to get a tetanus shot because I poked myself on them. I found two pieces of model 356 molding that were about 5" long. I had to unscrew the clasps from the top toolbox and then screw the screws in while holding the molding in place. Perfect fit and the screws were perfect for the depth of the molding. And the molding doesn't take up any extra room from the lower flooring of the toolbox.

But here it is.... MMMM...MMMM... GOOD!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh How Time Flies

Yep, been more than 2 months since my last post :( This remodel (yes, yes, we're still doing it) is on the tail end. Unfortunately the rainy season has it and it's harder and harder to get the saw outside to cut pieces of wood. (this is a condominium so I don't have a viable workshop.)

But I will be posting a very interesting story about attempting to obtain Monsterpocalyse. It is a harrowing tail of love and war with lots of sword fights, ladies in distress... etc. LOL, not really, but hey, it will be a great plug for the Warstore!

But that's for another post.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was going to write a detailed review of Monsterpocalypse, the latest Cortex Dump from Privateer Press. But Bob Barnetson wrote one up over at Tabletop Gaming News and is so good that I decided not to re-invent the wheel.

So here's Bob's Review.

While I disgree with Bob's opinion (and the fact that he thinks that CMG's should be less complex), this game has enough complexity to keep me interested and I don't have to paint the models, which is a huge bonus for me at the moment with the Condo remodel.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Apocalypse Z Review

This is a review of the Apocalypse Z add-on by Exploding Goat Games.

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto it, but I found a company called Exploding Goat Games. An interesting name, but then so was Politically Incorrect Games (now called Precise Intermedia Games).

But I read about Exploding Goat Games coming out with one of the first licensed products for Mongoose Publishing's Battlefield Evolution: World at War. It is based on a viral apocalypse that causes what else... Zombies! (Hence the Apocalypse Z).

Now I am a huge zombie game fan. And I devour zombie games like candy. I own the likes of Zombies by Twilight Creations, All Things Zombie by Two Hour Games, Hunger, Zombies must Feed, etc. So I had to check this one out too. I had high expectations of this game. I don't know why, I had never heard about Exploding Goat Games, but I guess since it's a zombie game... there was an expectation. I'm guessing that this is from all the different games I've played and novels such as World War Z.

I have to say that reading World War Z really jaded me to a lot of Zombie genre in general. That book is so good on the social commentaries and story line, that I now consider it the definitive work for what Zombie games and movies should be judged against. I am going to attempt to keep that prejudice out of this review. I will make references in some areas, but it is for reference only.

So with that particular disclaimer out of the way, let's get on with the Review.

The physical product:
The book is a softbound, soft cover book. The cover art is very well done with a group of non-infected making what looks like their last stand against a horde of Zombies.

The interior of the book is black and white. This might offend some people, but to me it set the mood of the game. After all there has been an apocalypse and the black and white drawings help to convey that feeling. The interior artwork though is not up to par as the front cover. While it would have been great to have such artwork throughout the book, from a business perspective I can understand why not. From a gamer/user standpoint... it would have been nice to have better artwork. But I still liked the interior of the book. It is well laid out and presented well.

Each Unit description (both Zombie Army and Human Army) have a short story to introduce that unit. Each of the Zombie Army Unit short stories are very grim. While the Human Army Unit short stories attempt to convey hope for the future of the human race.

The book is divided into Zombie Army creation and Human Army Creation.

The Zombie Army has multiple unit types, not just your stock shamblers. The unit types are:
Zombies (Stock) and Brutes (tougher zombies)
Bile Zombies... you guessed the "Vomit / Disolving Acid Unit".
Plague Zombies .. come on, you know what they do... (no safe sex here folks)
Soldier Zombies... they remember how to use weapons, though not very well.
Zombie Abomination ...mutant zombies!
Zombie Bats
Zombie Beasts
Zombie Hounds
Zombie Monkeys
Zombie Super Soldier (better than Zombie Soldiers)
Zombie Overlord (who else would lead the hordes of the mindless living dead)

Now each of the units are unique and there is a rarity factor to them. For every number of X units you can have 1 unit of Y.

Now having the animals as Zombies I personally do not like, but it definitely adds flavor to the game and keeps it from being Zombies come and are killed, lather rinse repeat. Having the animals definitely makes it so players can recreate movies such as the recent remake of "I am Legend" starring actor Will Smith. And as a pure wargame, it is definitely a plus to have all the different units.

The Human Army is called "The Enclave". They are humans surviving in the Hudson River Valley of New York State. They have a number of units as well. They are:
Militia Squad (average Joe civilian with something to kill zombies with)
Penal Unit... where bad people are thrown at the zombies... ie BAIT!
Firefighter Platoon... this one I found Odd, but I guess saving people and using a huge fire axe to smash the skulls of zombies is a good thing to have. But I'm guessing they are there to counter the Plague Zombies due to their self contained breathing apparatus.
Riot Police Squads
Zombie Cleansers... dissolve the living dead for... er... um... a living!
Swat Team
Watcher Infantry (essentially professional soldiers from before the outbreak)
Watcher Special Forces
Heroes. This is a difference with the Zombie Army. The Humans get Heroes. Their rarity (or ability to take them into your force) depends on type of unit they can be fielded with.

The Heroes are: Monica Banks, fielded with a Firefighter Plattoon. William Hamilton, fielded with either Riot Police or Swat Team. General Blake Palmer, fielded with a Watcher Unit.

There is a very small Enclave Armory list. I'm sure it is small due to constraints of room in the book and a .223 calibur hunting rifle should have the same or very close stats to a .223 M-16 or AR-15. The core rules should also have more weapons listed, so why repeat what's already been put out there.

There are scenarios in the book which are well thought out and have victory conditions, not just "KILL, KILL, KILL".

Each Army has special abilities that are not included in the core rules by World At War, which is nice that this add-on is unique.

The book contains a section about some manufacturers that make Zombie mini's and mini's that would work for the Human Army. This is quite nice, especially since some people might go "WTF?!? where am I going to get a Firefighter Platoon from?"

They talk about scenery and this is where the book actually stumbles and falls down. Instead of listing such great companies as World Works Games, Old Crow and Armorcast to get terrain from, they state that there will be articles on the Exploding Goat Website that cover terrain making. Sure that's great, but what about someone who actually has never played a mini game and picks this up on a whim?

As a whole I like this book and it brings a lot to the table in the way of Zombie Wargaming. There are some items that were not present in the book that would have made it a home run instead of a triple play. There is no mention of Ferals, children who were forced to grow up and survive without their parents or other members of human society. Rules in the scenario sections would have been nice to have. Also, no LaMO's (Last Man On Earth). While using a hero to take on the human army would suffice, it would have been nice to have rules covering this without having to work it out ourselves.

I do like this add-on. It brings a lot to the table for World at War and allows for actual army building. With the advent of Modern Warfare coming from Mongoose Publishing, the Apocalypse Z add-on will allow players to re-enact such battles as the "Battle for Yonkers" as detailed in World War Z. Or players can create "weird science" or alternate World War II scenarios where the Germans are experimenting with inmates in the concentration camps and create the whole zombie threat during World War II.

While there are some blemishes, the add-on is strong and I do recommend it for those looking for so much more than the normal "ok you fired your handgun, now d6 more zombies appear, lets see you get out of that". It offers solid army building rules, special actions, and special rules all for the Zombie war enthusiast.

Monday, August 18, 2008

GenCon is over so I'm a loser

Ah, GenCon is over and I didn't go this year. I really wanted to go. There is so much happening in the gaming industry that I really wanted to be able to see all the cool new games and actually meet the producers and designers.

Tabletop Gaming News has lots of video's from GenCon and I thank Zac for going and getting most of it.

What were the top 6 items I looking forward too?

06) Monsterpocalypse.... from Privateer Press. I actually want to check this game out. Even though it's going to be a "Collectors" game, ie. random stuff in a box, I think the game will be very tongue in cheek and sounds like it will be a hoot, especially for those that remember the Monster Rampage game (both video and tabletop).

05) Warmachine Legends... Yea, I'm still a sucker for Privateer Press's game Warmachine. It scales well and I really cannot believe what a tight set of rules it is. Now I'm not a huge Hordes fan, but that game too is well done, and the models etc are fantastic, but I like Black Smoke Belching Behemoths that pack a huge wallop.

04) Catalyst Games Classic Battletech.... being a Battletech fan from when the game was originally Battle Droids... and the subsequent Nerfing of the game by Wizkids (formely FASA) the fact that Catalyst is attempting to bring the Battletech that I knew from my youth back. So it would have been great to talk to the Movers and Shakers at Catalyst Games and find out all sorts of business related stuff so my hopes don't get dashed again for such a wonderful game.

03) Warlands by Aberrant Games. Since I'm a huge Rezolution fan, I figure this has to be a winner, but after watching the TGN's interview and that the mini's are 20mm (wha?!?) I don't know if I'm going to invest in this one. But maybe seeing a demo or talking with Simon himself, I might be persuaded otherwise.

02) Mutant Chronicles. OK, this is one game that I have anticipated for quite a while. And with FFG's switch from "Collectible" to actually allowing people to buy exactly what they want, this game has got to have some serious game play. Since the game is being fronted by FFG's I would have loved to see their whole booth since I'm also a huge AT-43 fan as well. I will get to see FFG at PAX, so I hope it's the same type of setup.

01) Pulp City.... having playtested this and having talked to and gotten to know people on the Pulp City forum, this is one game (and Morf, one of the designers) I wanted to see at Gen Con. And it would have been great to meet Morf. This game is now my superhero game of choice. And that is saying something. I've tried lots of Superhero games and the Marvel Superhero RPG (played as a tactical game) has been my highest rated game. I own games such as Godlike, Villans and Vigilantes, Living Legends, Mutant and Masterminds, Champions, etc... and I have always gone back to the MSHRPG as my superhero game of choice.... until Pulp City. I'm anxiously awaiting the expansions for this one too. So getting to meet the Pulp Monster Productions staff would have been a great honor. Morf did a great Demo that LarkinVain from the Pulp-City Forums recorded and posted to Youtube. There is also a video about the background for Pulp City. Not as good as being there in person, but I thank those who did obtain this information.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've been quiet lately, and the usual excuse (the remodel) is the cause. At first I thought the significant other wanted to just "spruce" the place up. But it's turned into a pretty much total remodel of the condo. New floors, repainting every room, etc.

I personally think it's coming along quite well, but it is time consuming and with she and I doing all the work, it takes it's toll.

I have decided to post pictures of the remodel here for people to see (and if you feel like it, comment on it).

One of the biggest things I've learned from this is that mass produced homes (such as condo's and tract housing) are produced "en mass" which means that short cuts are taken that someone building a home themselves probably wouldn't do. Example: The stairs are not only nailed in, but screwed in AND glued.... wha?!? So removing each step takes about 30-60 minutes of crowbar work. And then I found that two of the steps at the bottom were glued to the wall... that was an eye opener when I finally got them up and a chunk of the wall came out with it!

I am glad that I am a modeler though. I have had to come up with some pretty ingenious ideas to work around the "quick" construction techniques that were used.

But I'll shut up and let you get to the pics.

The album will be updated as we progress so check back occasionally to see how it's going.

This has cramped most of my gaming activities. I still purchase mini's and games, but they are sitting in the work space that I now have. We remodeled the garage. That taking only a month (basically two weekends working 18 hour days) to get it ready and I'm very impressed with it. It will allow me the room to not only build with my sons but also play. So that's a huge bonus. I have a few pics I think, but I'll need to locate them.

I can't use the new workspace at the moment due to the two closets in the hallway being emptied into the garage so we can remodel them (paint and new floors).

Ta Ta for NOW!

Monday, July 14, 2008

World War Z

I discovered a great work of literature. The book is called World War Z by Max Brooks.

It is a book essentially of short stories written by the author in the form of interviews. Each interview is from a survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse. Now I normally don't go for much in the way of Zombies except for games. I don't like movies like "Dawn of the Dead" etc.

But this book.... makes you feel like it was a true event. That there actually had been a period in our history where a plague caused bodies to re-animate and attempted to exterminate man kind.

I highly recommend it, and if they make a movie of it, I'll definitely see it.

An FYI, the audio book is a bridged version of unabridged accounts. I.E. not all the interviews are included in the audio book that are in the dead tree variant. Which is really sad. There are some really good interviews that were left out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


There's nothing I dislike more in the world than an idiot... OK, I lied. I absolutely hate when I'm an idiot.

AND.... my previous post proves just that.

Seems that I ranted a bitched before doing my homework. So I have to eat crow and apologize to all the companies (and especially Rackham and Pulp City (Monsters)) who I pointed out did not offer 8.5 x 11" documents but instead offered A4.

Seems the printer was at fault and not the document size. Actually reducing to fit on the Xerox looked like crap while the color HP laser printer printed just fine.

So I apologize for the rant and for picking on both Rackham and Pulp Monsters. Seems I'm an idiot.



Ok, I try to be as positive as I can be on my blog. But there's something I just have to get off my chest....

When ever I deal with companies from across the pond (read that as Europe) and I download some rulebook or actually purchase a rulebook from a European country, it's in A4 Lettersize instead of being offered in both A4 AND North American Letter Size (8.5 x 11).

This means that when I print the document, the tops and bottoms are cut off, and if you select "fit to paper" then it comes out looking like shit on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Now I'm not here to state which is better, I really don't care. Honestly I don't. I had absolutely no voice in what the United States of America chose as it's paper format for business. And I had no voice in what the European Union chose as its standard for paper. But the reality of the situation is that there are two standards out there and companies need to support both.

Now I'm going to pick on Pulp City and Rackham for a second. They recently put up their rules for free as does Rackham. Both are European companies and both only offer A4 as their paper size.

Now lets look at Pulp Figures. They offer their rules for free too, with one HUGE difference. They offer their rules in BOTH A4 and North American Letter sizes. You would think that if a small shop like Pulp Figures could do it that Rackham (a much larger company) would be able to do it as well. Pulp City, being the new kids on the block I will cut some slack, but you would think that if they were going to be noticed that they would have offered something different.

Now why is this such a pain in the ass to me? Walk into an Office Depot or even a small family run office supply business and ask for A4 paper. Go on, I'll wait. Notice the blank stare you got at Office Depot? Did you like the rude comment from the family owned office supply about being a "Frog Lover"? WTF?!? I hate frogs legs. How the hell does needing A4 paper make me want to copulate with a frog?!?

Now you would think with the new cool global economy that this shit would be a thing of the past, and that everyone would offer what the other guy has. But that is not the case. At least in Seattle. I would have thought that where I live in South King County, with it's huge imagrant population that more people would want A4 size paper and that the local businesses would supply it. I often wonder what the Europeans think when American companies offer stuff in just the North American Letter size? It probably doesn't matter because A4 is bigger and the 8.5 x 11 page fits within the A4 paper, so all the Europeans have to deal with is some white borders on each page. A much better option than walking away from the printer shaking me head and then tossing the printed material into the recycle bin.

I wish companies would realize their markets and post their PDF's accordingly.

'Nuff Said.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pulp City Rules Posted

Pulp Monsters has posted their Pulp City rules on the website.

Go check 'em out.

I'm not listed in the Play test credits but I did help. I really hope the game is highly successful.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting.... PULP CITY

I've been a Super Hero fan since birth. Any and Everything Super Hero I devoured growing up (and I haven't finished growing up yet! ).

When TSR came out with their Marvel Super Hero Roleplaying game and Mayfair came out with the DC Hero Roleplaying game, I was in Heaven. Pure, Simple Heaven. There was Champions, Villains and Vigilantes... Living Legends... Mutants & Masterminds... God Like... Super System (and Super System II)..... you name it, I own it. I have every adventure published, downloaded, etc.

But now... Now there is....

I eat, live, breath, shoot, shit Super Hero's. My all time favorite is Dr. Strange, followed by a very close 2nd in Batman. Neither uses a gun and neither believes in taking a life.

I was totally jazzed when I first heard about Pulp Monster creating a Super Hero Skirmish game, I had to be in on it.

I had the honor of play testing this game. It ROCKS! That's with a CAPITAL R. If you are a Super Hero Aficionado like me, then this game IS FOR YOU!

I was first turned on to Pulp-City when I was looking for a Top Dog mini for my Gangs of Mega City One Ape Gang. And I found it in Guerilla. But then I found that Guerilla is for a Super Hero Skirmish Game..... then they showed the preview of Nuke.... OMG!!! That is one of my all time favorite sculpts. I cannot wait to get him into my grubby little hands! And then there is Red Riding Hoodoo, who's full of Voodoo..... and Mourn...

You can download the cards for the mini's at their download site and the teams that make up the starter sets.

The game has metal mini's for the hobbiest and a great set of rules for the gamers. I personally don't mind well done Pre-paints, but for those who don't like PPP, then rejoice, these are metal mini's that you have to paint. Normally I might turn away, but the sculpts are simply incredible. I will definitely enjoy painting these.

Here is the Hero Starter Team:

They are (left to right) Ace of Wraiths, Iron Train, Red Riding Hoodoo, Solar, Androida.

Here is the Villain Starter Team:

They are (left to right): Nuke, Twilight, Hellsmith, Guerilla, Gentlemen.

For starters, these are awesome sculpts and are an absolute hoot to play.

Due to the NDA I signed I won't go into great detail about the rules, but they include civilians and their ability to totally muck up a hero and their ability to fight the bad guys.

All I can say is that I will be devouring everything this company produces for this game.

I have not been this jazzed about something super hero coming out since the computer game Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs the Third Reich was released (both are totally awesome games btw)!

The company is from Eastern Europe (Poland). Praise Allah for the Wall coming down and all the globalization that's going on. Lots of people damn it, but I embrace it. Without globalization, great minds like the creative team behind Pulp Monsters would have great difficulty bringing their creations to a world market.

My Hats off to Pulp Monsters and their first Creation. Great job folks! And thanks for the opportunity to assist.

On the Blue Mountain Manufacturing Theme....

Low and behold, Teresa at Blue Moon Manufacturing posted to the The Miniatures Page, http://theminiaturespage.com/news/675131...


Those are fantastic. Put with what Blue Moon already offers..... I think I'm gonna joygasm....

I cannot believe that they are coming out with such awesomeness.

And I just ordered a whole set of stuff last Thursday..... :cry: I am getting the Razor Back with this order.

Now they have the new ones. OMG with the Old Glory Army Discount, that's $30 USD a piece.... :faints:

And I saw that this month is Teresa's Birthday Month, so Happy Birthday Teresa!!!

Tol'ya the Old Glory Army deal was AWESOME!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Glory Army

I discovered Old Glory Miniatures at about the same time I discovered Blue Moon Manufacturing. I looked at their selection and posted to various boards about their quality and one dude (SeattleGamer at World Works Games) stated that their miniatures were decent and a really good deal if you joined their Old Glory Army.....


I took the plunge and paid my $50 and OMG!!! With 40% off their Mini's (and they have not only their own, but Blue Moon Manufacturing AND WestWind AND SuperFigs AND Crusader Miniatures. If you just get $125 worth of them, you break even. But they send you a FREE Mini every month. Last year (and I missed out on that one) was Pirates!! Damn it! But this year has been cowboys and they have been very, very impressive. They come with a write up, telling you about the mini. Most are actual historical figures. This is a great deal. I'll be signing up again next year too. I'll be ordering more stuff soon (to make sure I get the best deal possible!).

I still have SuperFigs to get for use with SuperSystem, and their West Wind Mini's are great, especially the Lucifer Wars figures.

The Lucifer Wars sculpts are really nice and if you join the army, you get them for a really great price.

The Gothic Horror minis as I mentioned are both from Blue Moon Manufacturing AND West Wind Productions. So you get the best of both worlds.

I could go on and on about this great deal and great company (excellent customer service) but I won't. Check it out and see for your self.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blue Moon Manufacturing

A while ago I found a company that really impressed me.

Blue Moon Manufacturing

I can't remember how I discovered this particular company, but I have some of their "Bump in the Night Sets".

I have Box 1 I Had Such a Howling Good Time set and I rate these an 8 out of 10. The main werewolf post is great and I really like the action and terror the pose instills. The only drawback is it is a bit top heavy and I had to add weight to the base to keep from knocking it over. The other figures too are well done and I am very impressed by the sculpts. Even the Victorians that come with it are detailed and hopefully I will do them justice when I paint them. Once I get my work place back I'll finish him up so I can post some pictures. I'm hoping to get these guys painted for Halloween horror gaming.

Box 2 You're Such a Pain in the Neck is a set of vampires and their hunters. This is where Blue Moon drops the ball as far as monsters go. The vampire sculpts are as impressive as the Werewolves on action, so the monsters here only get a 5, but the detail on the Victorians really make up for it and they get a 9. The set itself is worth the Victorians, especially the Van Helsing figure.

Their upcoming Things that go Bump in the Night: Aliens and Spacement has me jazzed. So Jazzed that I started writing up rules for them (a modification of the Chaos in Carpathia rules).

The vehicles that they just released for the Aliens and Spacemen look like good old fashion pulp Sci-Fi from the 40's and 50's. I can't wait to get my hands on them and hopefully my rules adaptation will bring those babies to life.

Unfortunately I need my workspace back in order to have the models come to life with a good paint job.

Ah but the posibilities are endless.

Thanks Blue Mountain Manufacturing!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Been a while.....

Wow, been more than a month since I posted.

With the condo remodel, the significant other has taken over the work space with boxes that need to be gone through after 20 years of hording. So that is what I've been up to.

Hopefully that will motivate me to get rid of all the stuff so I can paint and built again (which means I can play again too).

Check ya later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iron Stars

I picked up a game (download PDF's) called Iron Stars.

It is a Victorian Era space opera tabletop wargaming. I have an affinity for Victorian Era gaming. It was a time when the world was still mostly unexplored and great names were being made in history. Now throw in Science Fiction on top of it with Ethereal Flyers that travel between the Earth and Mars. So Jules Verne's vision of "From The Earth To The Moon" comes alive.

The role playing game SPACE:1889 was a wonderful game by defunk Games Designer's Workshop. They also produced Sky Galleons of Mars (a table top game of flying ships on Mars). It was truly incredible and I still have my copy. (And I have to give a plug to Noise Monster's Production of 4 radio shows (on CD) based on SPACE:1889!)

Iron Stars brings Majestic 12 Games vision of World History and incorporating the HG Wells "War of the Worlds" aftermath and subsequent knowledge of "offworlders" in a great little game.

The book is laid out very well and the rules are easy to understand. The rules are easy to understand and flow well. The reference cards for the ships are well laid out and easy to understand. With just a few reads of the rules and some quick ship vs ship combat I no longer needed to review the rulebook.

Each book comes with Card Stock ships (basically triangles with the picture of the ships on them). Since the book is a PDF, you can print as many ships as you need to create the types of fleets that you want for the fleets laid out in the books.

The only drawback to the game is it is based on d10. And the ONLY reason I consider that a drawback is that if someone not familiar with wargaming in general would not have d10's on hand. Having the game based on a d6 would have opened it up to a broader audience. Of course this is an extremely minute drawback. Games requiring other die types have been around for decades. So access to such dice should be quite easy.

I highly recommend it. (I also have the two supplements and I highly recommend those too).

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I finally received my Confrontation:Age of Rag'Narok (C:AOR)! And I gotta say, Hmmm Hmmm Good.

See the Trailer!

I plan on collecting the Army of the Wolf! And probably a Hydra or Ram army as well.

The Armies are broken up into three catagories (ok 4 if you include Immobilis which I think are Mercs in the world of Confrontation). They are Ways of Light, Paths of Destiny, Meanders of Darkness , which to me are Good, Neutral and Evil. You can see the different listings here.

If I do, do an Army that follows Ways of Light, then it will probably be a Boar Army, but then I might go for Lion too. All depends on what the Army Books contain.

I play Rackham's AT-43 (as you can tell from my previous posts) and figure that since I like AT-43 so much that the C:AOR would be just as good. From what I've read in the rulebook, it has not disappointed me. I can't make my final decision until I get some gaming goodness in with some real armies, not just the current boxed set. But having the boxed set will definitely get me started.

I really hope that Rackham's financial and distribution issues are behind them not and they can steam forward to get product out the door and into my greedy hands! (LOL)

Of course this all boils down to PrePaints (PP) vs Metal Miniatures (MM) which come unpainted and require time to do so. Personally I favor both. MM provide more detail and I find it very relaxing to paint them. Unfortunately I'm up to 56K+ on unpainted Mini's and having the PP mini's is a treat because I just open the box, pull out the Mini's and play.

So the Hobbiest in my loves the MM, but the gamer in me loves the PP.

I just don't understand the conflict between the two camps. If you like painting, then don't buy PP or buy them and repaint them. If you like gaming more, buy PP. Jeesh.

That's my rant, 2 cents, etc for the day.