Monday, March 31, 2008

Old Glory Army

I discovered Old Glory Miniatures at about the same time I discovered Blue Moon Manufacturing. I looked at their selection and posted to various boards about their quality and one dude (SeattleGamer at World Works Games) stated that their miniatures were decent and a really good deal if you joined their Old Glory Army.....


I took the plunge and paid my $50 and OMG!!! With 40% off their Mini's (and they have not only their own, but Blue Moon Manufacturing AND WestWind AND SuperFigs AND Crusader Miniatures. If you just get $125 worth of them, you break even. But they send you a FREE Mini every month. Last year (and I missed out on that one) was Pirates!! Damn it! But this year has been cowboys and they have been very, very impressive. They come with a write up, telling you about the mini. Most are actual historical figures. This is a great deal. I'll be signing up again next year too. I'll be ordering more stuff soon (to make sure I get the best deal possible!).

I still have SuperFigs to get for use with SuperSystem, and their West Wind Mini's are great, especially the Lucifer Wars figures.

The Lucifer Wars sculpts are really nice and if you join the army, you get them for a really great price.

The Gothic Horror minis as I mentioned are both from Blue Moon Manufacturing AND West Wind Productions. So you get the best of both worlds.

I could go on and on about this great deal and great company (excellent customer service) but I won't. Check it out and see for your self.


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