Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Genuine LOL

Wow. I really love it when companies do crazy stuff like this. Sock puppet Miniatures. Can't wait to see their write for games like 5150.... now that's gonna be some funky gaming.


18 years in the making....

My wife and I celebrated our 18th Anniversery this past weekend.

It was odd that we didn't do what normal couples do and get all mushy and cuddly, etc. She wanted to help get the pool ready for this summer (we live in a condo and there is a community pool). So we spent the day brow beating our kids into submission to help us get the pool furniture ready for the summer. We put the broken furniture back together and washed and cleaned 15 pieces. Hmmm... not a very romantic day... but that night she was very thankful for my helping out and getting one of her items off of her todo list. So she agreed to play one of the table top wargames that I play. A game called Gangs of Megacity 1. I was floored... she's never played any of those types of games in 18 years of marriage. *faint*. But play we did.

I of course won, and we discussed the pro's and con's of these types of games and why she didn't like them. It all boiled down to one thing... The randomness of the dice during combat. She didn't like the fact that she got her gang into a really good position, only roll misses and failed WtF rolls.

I can agree to some degree on that logic, but that's what it's all about. You get your troops into the right position, then the shooting starts.. who misses, who hits, who dies, and who pees their pants and runs away. Just like real combat. You may think your troops are all gung ho as you would be, but they are not. She thinks of each figure as a representation of herself, not just the leader, but all of them. During the game, one of her gang members got shot and went down, the rest of her gang, but her Top Dog (i.e. the leader) ran away. She was determined and took on my gang with just her leader. She's got some serious balls to do that.

She got some serious hits in on my gang and the game ended when my second in command blew off the arm of her leader. She was non too pleased.

But it was still fun and hopefully, with the prodding of my eldest, she will be involved during the games.

18 years. Wow. Wonder how long it will be for the next game.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One of the Coolest Mini's EVER

Rod Tyson (one of my two favorite Sculptors) created a sculpt that is simply incredible.

The Mephalians are a race for the Star Mogul game. I think they are awesome. I really appreciate it when companies come out with cool stuff like this. The write up for them is great and the sculpts are awesome. The one dude holding his arm out pointing while it looks like he's yelling an order... simply awesome.. so simple a pose can make the difference with a race such as this.

Thanks Rod.

Monday, May 21, 2007


When you talk to war gamers, there are two things they are passionate about. 1) their games, 2) terrain. Mini's come and go, sculpts change... but mention terrain and you get the blood of a war gamer flowing.

Most gamers will argue about types of terrain, resin vs cardstock vs hand created. I personally prefer all three.

As a model railroader, hand crafted terrain is the ultimate in realism on a small scale. But would you really want your gaming buddies running ramshod over that beautiful peice of scenery that took you endless hours to create?

Resin terrain is great. I didn't have to create it and all I had to do was paint it. Hmm Hmm good. Oh wait, hey be careful with tha...... smash, crash.... sounds of your resign terrain smashed into little bits because some oaf has butter fingers (or like me, Essential Tremors). You also have to purchase multiple items if you want to have many of the same items on the board. At this time Armorcast has the best selection, but there are literly hundreds of Resin Terrain Makers out there. This is where Google will prove its worth to society.

Cardstock, at this period in my life is the best value for the money. If a piece gets broken, or damaged beyond repair, you print another sheet (or sheets) and cut, score, fold, glue, burnish. Easy as pie. Of course you don't get the detail that most war gamers want in their terrain, but how often does the detail actual effect game play? It effects egos but not game play.

There are several Cardstock artists out there and World Works Games has numerous artists working for it and their stuff is good. I mean really good. Check them out. I own numerous of their sets and Matt Lyons and Paul Senior are my favorite artists at World Works Games. Mel Ebbles has great vehicles and Mech stuff that he creates. It's really cool stuff. I have everything he has created and they are tough to build... really tough, but I don't mind a challenge.

There are some carstock manufacturers that make purchasable cardstock. I personally do not like those because if I screw up the item or it gets damaged, then, like resin terrain, I have to purchase a new one. Paper Creek Models has these types of buildings and they are primarily used with model railroads. But their stuff is extremely detailed and I have used them on my model railroads... but then huge warmachines don't come speeding across my railroad. LOL.

Later on, I will post all the terrain places I know of, Cardstock, both downloadable and purchasable as well as Resin. So stay tuned Gentle Reader, there's more to come.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Favorite Sculptors....

I've been collecting Miniatures for over 30 years. I have seen sculptors come and go.

My two favorite sculptors at this time (and one of them has been a favorite for about 10 years) are Jason Wiebe and Rod Tyson.

Jason does a lot for Reaper Miniatures, and he also did the Simian Empire for the 100 Kingdoms Miniature combat game by Black Orc Games. Unfortunately some people misspell his last name (even the company he produces product for).

Rod Tyson is the lead designer/sculptor at Alpha Forge Games. The Star Mogul line of Minis is awesome and Rod really does a great job with his customers and fans.

Check them both out. You won't be disappointed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Been a few

It's been a while since I posted :( . I got sick with a sinus infection and Pneumonia at the beginning of April. It drug out for 6 freakin' weeks...... 6 FREAKIN' WEEKS!!

I still have some respiratory issues, but I feel lots, tons, etc better than I did when this all first started.

I meet with a chap who goes by the handle Arabin on the World Works Games forums. We played a game called Gangs of Megacity One by Mongoose Publishing. It is based on the comic book 2000AD with a character named Judge Dredd. Fun game to play. You can read about Game1 and Game2 if you want.

I just saw the new Privateer Press' Mercenary faction based on Pirates. OMG!! The Warjacks are awesome. I can't wait to get them.... but I'm also trying to save up for Alpha Forge's new Mini's too. Oh damn the delima!! AT-43 has some new stuff coming out too and finally the army books in English. I just wish They'd release the Karmans.... apes with guns f'ing RULE!

I'll be posting my Gangs stuff so everyone can check it out. Just need to come up with an automated way of posting their stats, etc.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Organization.... yea right.

Ah.... Miniatures... Wargaming.... some great music to listen too at the same time....

But when I'm not bashing the head in (virtually on the table top of course), I have to keep my wonderful collection of Mini's organized. At the moment all I have displayed are the ones that are pre-painted at the moment, and some that are finished being painted (which is very few).

My Significant Other doesn't like it when I have to "organize" the Mini's.

I wonder why?


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Travelling Hobby Man

Since I have so precious little time to work with my hobbies at home, I try to optimize my time when out and about and at work.

So I try to find inventive ways to carry items back and forth.

Here we have the JIFF PEANUT BUTTER JAR OF THE DAMNED that has been washed out and put to better use than Peanut Butter. Remember Kids, Peanut Butter kills... don't use it unless you want to assassinate someone who's allergic to Peanuts (like me).

Lots of things fit into the jar, including knives, paint brushes, etc. Although I would have a cap for the paint brushes so they don't get damaged or the brissles messed up.

Here you can look down into it.


This folder is usally used to hold paper or other such odds and ends. It has a fine mesh pencil holder that can hold tubes of glue, pens for edging, paint brushes, knives (with cap), etc. Very, very nice.


There is one side for storing uncut cardstock and the other side for the pieces cut out. Oh look, there are containers from Mayhem Industrial from World Works Games

Thanks for looking.