Friday, May 18, 2007

Been a few

It's been a while since I posted :( . I got sick with a sinus infection and Pneumonia at the beginning of April. It drug out for 6 freakin' weeks...... 6 FREAKIN' WEEKS!!

I still have some respiratory issues, but I feel lots, tons, etc better than I did when this all first started.

I meet with a chap who goes by the handle Arabin on the World Works Games forums. We played a game called Gangs of Megacity One by Mongoose Publishing. It is based on the comic book 2000AD with a character named Judge Dredd. Fun game to play. You can read about Game1 and Game2 if you want.

I just saw the new Privateer Press' Mercenary faction based on Pirates. OMG!! The Warjacks are awesome. I can't wait to get them.... but I'm also trying to save up for Alpha Forge's new Mini's too. Oh damn the delima!! AT-43 has some new stuff coming out too and finally the army books in English. I just wish They'd release the Karmans.... apes with guns f'ing RULE!

I'll be posting my Gangs stuff so everyone can check it out. Just need to come up with an automated way of posting their stats, etc.

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