Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best MINI Carring Case EVER!!!

I've been attempting to create the ULTIMATE MINI CARRYING CASE... and I've done it.

Thanks to a hardware store called Rockler, I found the clasps that I needed. Neither Home Depot or Lowes had what I needed, but Rockler did. OMG, I almost came when I found what I needed.

So, I have my two metal tool boxes from Harbor Freight.

I have two pieces of 2x4 cut to 5" in length each.

I drilled holes in the lid of one of the tool boxes (4 holes) per board.

I then drilled 4 holes into the side of each 2x4 for the clasps and the lower part of the other tool box. I then screwed the 2x4's onto the lid and put the clasps on, and then put the other half of the clasps on the lower half of the other toolbox.

I found that the screws in the lower half of the top tool box were hitting the mini's and I definitely didn't want to get a tetanus shot because I poked myself on them. I found two pieces of model 356 molding that were about 5" long. I had to unscrew the clasps from the top toolbox and then screw the screws in while holding the molding in place. Perfect fit and the screws were perfect for the depth of the molding. And the molding doesn't take up any extra room from the lower flooring of the toolbox.

But here it is.... MMMM...MMMM... GOOD!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh How Time Flies

Yep, been more than 2 months since my last post :( This remodel (yes, yes, we're still doing it) is on the tail end. Unfortunately the rainy season has it and it's harder and harder to get the saw outside to cut pieces of wood. (this is a condominium so I don't have a viable workshop.)

But I will be posting a very interesting story about attempting to obtain Monsterpocalyse. It is a harrowing tail of love and war with lots of sword fights, ladies in distress... etc. LOL, not really, but hey, it will be a great plug for the Warstore!

But that's for another post.