Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mobile Workstation Redux

People have asked to see how I have the drawers to my mobile workstation laid out. So I have taken the brief amount of time to do so.

I would like to apologize to those who have patiently waited. I have had pneumonia for the past 4 weeks and it sucks. Big time.

But without further ado....

Top Drawer:

I try to keep my tools, glues, etc. here and some of the card stock terrain that I am working on (in the back sections of the drawer). I need to re-org the drawers (all of them) since I have found some Mini's that I thought had been lost in some moves when I was haze grey and underway.. (for those who don't know what that is, it is my time at sea with the U.S. Navy).

2nd Drawer Down:

I have a small collection of spaceship mini's that I am working on here, but the majority of space is taken up by cardstock terrain that I have not had a chance to cut yet. Just a matter of time. I also have evidence bags from when I was a COP. Yes, yes, I was a cop for a very brief time. Don't get me started on COPs. Maybe I'll start a blog where I discuss personal opinions on stuff, but this is not my intention of this forum. So back to the hobbies. I use evidence bags to store bits and pieces of miniatures. You can actually purchase them at any craft place. I thought that was funny for some reason. I guess the irony of it.

3rd Drawer Down:

Ok, actual mini's start to show up in force. You can see the evidence bags in use (actually I found that some mini manufacturers use them too to ship mini's in!).

4th Drawer Down:

This drawer we see more mini's and some bits that I did not put in bags... like I said Pneumonia sucks. But when I re-org the drawers, the bits will be moved and more minis will be in the back. I have a set of drawers that are on my wall in the garage that have minis in them... you know the kind from 20 years ago.

Anyone notice Orca's ass? He's from Citadel Miniatures, 197? something. I found him along with a whole bunch of Grenadier Miniatures in that group of minis I thought had been lost.

5th Drawer Down:

More miniatures.... 20+ year old Space Marines from the very first plastic boxed set. Plus others. Need to put more minis down here during my re-org.

6th Drawer Down:

More minis, instructions on putting the cart together and pens for edging my cardstock terrain.

Side Drawer 1:

Glue for cardstock, GW bases and if I were to move the bases, a tool would appear that allows me to hold my mini's and paint them without getting paint on my hands, the table, etc.

Side Drawer 2nd down:

More glues (super type) and plastic sprues from Citadels first box of plastic minis that had Skaven, Elves, Dwarves, etc in them. NOW THATS AN OLD SET.

Side Drawer 3rd Down:

Bits from toys that will soon be converted to terrain pieces and now more of those 20 year old minis. My favorite is the Asmodeus from the first edition Monster Manual. Unfortunately he's broken due to being shoved in a box by "she who thinks she must obeyed". But I'm glad I found them..... Demonic and Diabolic battles await!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the show. I'll update when my re-org is done.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 I mean Miniature Magnatism

As an ECO freak, I do not own a car or other fossil fuel burning crap bag. Hell I don't own a vehicle PERIOD. I have a bicycle, my two feet, Metro and Sound Transit. Now this can create some serious transportation issues with transporting miniatures.

What's an ECO freak to do?!?

When I LAN Partied, I used to rent a car to transport the computer gear. Then I found some items that would help me carry my computer stuff. That got me thinking about transporting miniatures. I have an old carrying case from the 1980's, but it is extremely heavy, being made from solid oak, and I don't like the foam. I have had more than a few mini's break when using the foam. Mostly plastic ones, but I have a lot of plastic ones.

Oh the conundrum....

Then I found some articles about using magnets. I went out and purchased industrial made magnets, ie made out of ceramic. They were OK, but not the greatest. So I purchased some rare earth magnets. Those magnets are extremely powerful. Then I discovered that the old AOL CD cases that are plastic, are great for making mini display stands. Here are some examples...

I'm sure your going... "WTF?!? Their just sitting THERE!!"



But it's not magic

The magnets do not have to be very large.

I'll be putting some flock, etc on the base, or maybe some just card stock. But this will just be something that sits on a shelf.

I'm trying to locate a steel toolbox with a steel tool shelf so I can cut/mod it to carry minis.

Mmmmm, Mmmmmm GOOD!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

White Souled Charlies

Since I posted the PICS of my Work Station, I'm sure that your asking "Which minis are you working on?"

The minis currently on my Work Station are my Gangs of MegaCity 1 from Mongoose Publishing. I called the White Souled Charlies due to their White Shoes. Not matter what other clothing they wear, they have White Shoes on.... hence the name, The White Souled Charlies.

Pretty nifty, eh?

I am also working on my stuff from Alpha Forge Games. I have the Mephs and enough figs for a crew with vehicle. I will post more on those as they progress. Rod is one of my top 5 sculpters. I HIGHLY recommend that you check his stuff out. And the rules for his game are good too. I will post reviews of most of the games that I play as time goes on. But I take away from the topic at hand.


I've often been asked, "How do you have your workplace set up?".

Over the years it has varied. When I was a kid was the best time. I didn't have to share my workspace and I could use my dad's cool power tools to mod my mini's till they were unrecognizable from the originals..... oh those were the days.

But I digress into nostalgia.

I am married, and married to a woman who thinks that having a large house with a room for hobbies is a sin and that the extra few thousand for the cost of the house would result in an extra 100 hours of cleaning a month.

So without further ado.... I present to you:

THE Cerebral Cortex of the Damned'

and his....


As you can tell, I use a nice little rolling cart with drawers. I found this at COSTCO and I really like it. Since I don't have a dedicated space, I just pull out the table and put in a movie for some back ground noise (usually something to get me in the mood for MINI painting, like Star Trek, The Original Series).

I usually pull out a lot of mini's even though I won't be painting them all. It helps to quicken the pace.

Starting out

I normally keep my own hobby site, but with being crunched for time and all, I'm hoping that this will make it much easier to put my hobby stuff on line without having to create each page from scratch.

I've tried using other forms of software like wordpress so that I have more control over stuff, but it has become a major chore. I just want to share my stuff and have more time painting, playing, etc that creating web content.

So with further a-do, I present to you, The Cerebral Cortex of the Damned's hobby blog!