Wednesday, April 25, 2007 I mean Miniature Magnatism

As an ECO freak, I do not own a car or other fossil fuel burning crap bag. Hell I don't own a vehicle PERIOD. I have a bicycle, my two feet, Metro and Sound Transit. Now this can create some serious transportation issues with transporting miniatures.

What's an ECO freak to do?!?

When I LAN Partied, I used to rent a car to transport the computer gear. Then I found some items that would help me carry my computer stuff. That got me thinking about transporting miniatures. I have an old carrying case from the 1980's, but it is extremely heavy, being made from solid oak, and I don't like the foam. I have had more than a few mini's break when using the foam. Mostly plastic ones, but I have a lot of plastic ones.

Oh the conundrum....

Then I found some articles about using magnets. I went out and purchased industrial made magnets, ie made out of ceramic. They were OK, but not the greatest. So I purchased some rare earth magnets. Those magnets are extremely powerful. Then I discovered that the old AOL CD cases that are plastic, are great for making mini display stands. Here are some examples...

I'm sure your going... "WTF?!? Their just sitting THERE!!"



But it's not magic

The magnets do not have to be very large.

I'll be putting some flock, etc on the base, or maybe some just card stock. But this will just be something that sits on a shelf.

I'm trying to locate a steel toolbox with a steel tool shelf so I can cut/mod it to carry minis.

Mmmmm, Mmmmmm GOOD!

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