Saturday, January 12, 2008


I finally received my Confrontation:Age of Rag'Narok (C:AOR)! And I gotta say, Hmmm Hmmm Good.

See the Trailer!

I plan on collecting the Army of the Wolf! And probably a Hydra or Ram army as well.

The Armies are broken up into three catagories (ok 4 if you include Immobilis which I think are Mercs in the world of Confrontation). They are Ways of Light, Paths of Destiny, Meanders of Darkness , which to me are Good, Neutral and Evil. You can see the different listings here.

If I do, do an Army that follows Ways of Light, then it will probably be a Boar Army, but then I might go for Lion too. All depends on what the Army Books contain.

I play Rackham's AT-43 (as you can tell from my previous posts) and figure that since I like AT-43 so much that the C:AOR would be just as good. From what I've read in the rulebook, it has not disappointed me. I can't make my final decision until I get some gaming goodness in with some real armies, not just the current boxed set. But having the boxed set will definitely get me started.

I really hope that Rackham's financial and distribution issues are behind them not and they can steam forward to get product out the door and into my greedy hands! (LOL)

Of course this all boils down to PrePaints (PP) vs Metal Miniatures (MM) which come unpainted and require time to do so. Personally I favor both. MM provide more detail and I find it very relaxing to paint them. Unfortunately I'm up to 56K+ on unpainted Mini's and having the PP mini's is a treat because I just open the box, pull out the Mini's and play.

So the Hobbiest in my loves the MM, but the gamer in me loves the PP.

I just don't understand the conflict between the two camps. If you like painting, then don't buy PP or buy them and repaint them. If you like gaming more, buy PP. Jeesh.

That's my rant, 2 cents, etc for the day.


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