Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Gaming Goodness.......

I took a holiday starting December 19, 2007 till January 3rd 2008.... and I have gamed more in the last 2 weeks than in the last 18 years.

My buddy Neil came over and we played 10 games of War Machine, 10 games of AT-43 and others. Santa brought World of Warcraft the board game for Christmas and we've played that 3 times already (trust me, it's a LONG game).

I've played Warmachine with my son's and when the SO saw how much fun Neal and I were having she's even indicated that she's interested in learning how to play. I think it was the artwork on the Khador set that Neil had.

I didn't get any Warmachine for Xmas because I got lots of stuff for it over the year, but I got my AT-43 goodies (except my Karmen.... damn you Rackham... December release my ass).

But this has to be one of the best holiday's I've had in a long time (Disney World doesn't count, you have fun there even if your the meanest, most unhappy person in the world).

On the Computer front.... we switched from Comcast (assholes) to DSL.... and the change has been life altering. Where we used to have a World of Warcraft disconnect every 30 minutes, we now can play for literally days with no lag or disconnects. Thanks Comcast for shafting your customers. Guess my $45 a month is going to Qwest now.

My SO also picked up 2 more copies of Guild Wars so my BIGS (Built in Gamers) and I can play together and quest our butts off.

Hopefully the good cheer and fun of gaming festivities doesn't wear off in the new year and we can keep it up.


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supervike said...

Hiya CCotD!!

Haven't seen much of you lately, but I'm glad to see you are still around!!

Great words about Qwest...did you know I work for them? Have for 20 years now!!

Anyhow, hope to see you over at AFG...