Monday, August 18, 2008

GenCon is over so I'm a loser

Ah, GenCon is over and I didn't go this year. I really wanted to go. There is so much happening in the gaming industry that I really wanted to be able to see all the cool new games and actually meet the producers and designers.

Tabletop Gaming News has lots of video's from GenCon and I thank Zac for going and getting most of it.

What were the top 6 items I looking forward too?

06) Monsterpocalypse.... from Privateer Press. I actually want to check this game out. Even though it's going to be a "Collectors" game, ie. random stuff in a box, I think the game will be very tongue in cheek and sounds like it will be a hoot, especially for those that remember the Monster Rampage game (both video and tabletop).

05) Warmachine Legends... Yea, I'm still a sucker for Privateer Press's game Warmachine. It scales well and I really cannot believe what a tight set of rules it is. Now I'm not a huge Hordes fan, but that game too is well done, and the models etc are fantastic, but I like Black Smoke Belching Behemoths that pack a huge wallop.

04) Catalyst Games Classic Battletech.... being a Battletech fan from when the game was originally Battle Droids... and the subsequent Nerfing of the game by Wizkids (formely FASA) the fact that Catalyst is attempting to bring the Battletech that I knew from my youth back. So it would have been great to talk to the Movers and Shakers at Catalyst Games and find out all sorts of business related stuff so my hopes don't get dashed again for such a wonderful game.

03) Warlands by Aberrant Games. Since I'm a huge Rezolution fan, I figure this has to be a winner, but after watching the TGN's interview and that the mini's are 20mm (wha?!?) I don't know if I'm going to invest in this one. But maybe seeing a demo or talking with Simon himself, I might be persuaded otherwise.

02) Mutant Chronicles. OK, this is one game that I have anticipated for quite a while. And with FFG's switch from "Collectible" to actually allowing people to buy exactly what they want, this game has got to have some serious game play. Since the game is being fronted by FFG's I would have loved to see their whole booth since I'm also a huge AT-43 fan as well. I will get to see FFG at PAX, so I hope it's the same type of setup.

01) Pulp City.... having playtested this and having talked to and gotten to know people on the Pulp City forum, this is one game (and Morf, one of the designers) I wanted to see at Gen Con. And it would have been great to meet Morf. This game is now my superhero game of choice. And that is saying something. I've tried lots of Superhero games and the Marvel Superhero RPG (played as a tactical game) has been my highest rated game. I own games such as Godlike, Villans and Vigilantes, Living Legends, Mutant and Masterminds, Champions, etc... and I have always gone back to the MSHRPG as my superhero game of choice.... until Pulp City. I'm anxiously awaiting the expansions for this one too. So getting to meet the Pulp Monster Productions staff would have been a great honor. Morf did a great Demo that LarkinVain from the Pulp-City Forums recorded and posted to Youtube. There is also a video about the background for Pulp City. Not as good as being there in person, but I thank those who did obtain this information.

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