Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've been quiet lately, and the usual excuse (the remodel) is the cause. At first I thought the significant other wanted to just "spruce" the place up. But it's turned into a pretty much total remodel of the condo. New floors, repainting every room, etc.

I personally think it's coming along quite well, but it is time consuming and with she and I doing all the work, it takes it's toll.

I have decided to post pictures of the remodel here for people to see (and if you feel like it, comment on it).

One of the biggest things I've learned from this is that mass produced homes (such as condo's and tract housing) are produced "en mass" which means that short cuts are taken that someone building a home themselves probably wouldn't do. Example: The stairs are not only nailed in, but screwed in AND glued.... wha?!? So removing each step takes about 30-60 minutes of crowbar work. And then I found that two of the steps at the bottom were glued to the wall... that was an eye opener when I finally got them up and a chunk of the wall came out with it!

I am glad that I am a modeler though. I have had to come up with some pretty ingenious ideas to work around the "quick" construction techniques that were used.

But I'll shut up and let you get to the pics.

The album will be updated as we progress so check back occasionally to see how it's going.

This has cramped most of my gaming activities. I still purchase mini's and games, but they are sitting in the work space that I now have. We remodeled the garage. That taking only a month (basically two weekends working 18 hour days) to get it ready and I'm very impressed with it. It will allow me the room to not only build with my sons but also play. So that's a huge bonus. I have a few pics I think, but I'll need to locate them.

I can't use the new workspace at the moment due to the two closets in the hallway being emptied into the garage so we can remodel them (paint and new floors).

Ta Ta for NOW!

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