Thursday, May 1, 2008

Anxiously Awaiting.... PULP CITY

I've been a Super Hero fan since birth. Any and Everything Super Hero I devoured growing up (and I haven't finished growing up yet! ).

When TSR came out with their Marvel Super Hero Roleplaying game and Mayfair came out with the DC Hero Roleplaying game, I was in Heaven. Pure, Simple Heaven. There was Champions, Villains and Vigilantes... Living Legends... Mutants & Masterminds... God Like... Super System (and Super System II)..... you name it, I own it. I have every adventure published, downloaded, etc.

But now... Now there is....

I eat, live, breath, shoot, shit Super Hero's. My all time favorite is Dr. Strange, followed by a very close 2nd in Batman. Neither uses a gun and neither believes in taking a life.

I was totally jazzed when I first heard about Pulp Monster creating a Super Hero Skirmish game, I had to be in on it.

I had the honor of play testing this game. It ROCKS! That's with a CAPITAL R. If you are a Super Hero Aficionado like me, then this game IS FOR YOU!

I was first turned on to Pulp-City when I was looking for a Top Dog mini for my Gangs of Mega City One Ape Gang. And I found it in Guerilla. But then I found that Guerilla is for a Super Hero Skirmish Game..... then they showed the preview of Nuke.... OMG!!! That is one of my all time favorite sculpts. I cannot wait to get him into my grubby little hands! And then there is Red Riding Hoodoo, who's full of Voodoo..... and Mourn...

You can download the cards for the mini's at their download site and the teams that make up the starter sets.

The game has metal mini's for the hobbiest and a great set of rules for the gamers. I personally don't mind well done Pre-paints, but for those who don't like PPP, then rejoice, these are metal mini's that you have to paint. Normally I might turn away, but the sculpts are simply incredible. I will definitely enjoy painting these.

Here is the Hero Starter Team:

They are (left to right) Ace of Wraiths, Iron Train, Red Riding Hoodoo, Solar, Androida.

Here is the Villain Starter Team:

They are (left to right): Nuke, Twilight, Hellsmith, Guerilla, Gentlemen.

For starters, these are awesome sculpts and are an absolute hoot to play.

Due to the NDA I signed I won't go into great detail about the rules, but they include civilians and their ability to totally muck up a hero and their ability to fight the bad guys.

All I can say is that I will be devouring everything this company produces for this game.

I have not been this jazzed about something super hero coming out since the computer game Freedom Force and Freedom Force vs the Third Reich was released (both are totally awesome games btw)!

The company is from Eastern Europe (Poland). Praise Allah for the Wall coming down and all the globalization that's going on. Lots of people damn it, but I embrace it. Without globalization, great minds like the creative team behind Pulp Monsters would have great difficulty bringing their creations to a world market.

My Hats off to Pulp Monsters and their first Creation. Great job folks! And thanks for the opportunity to assist.

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