Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ork Special Rules

I've been thinking Hard about Ork special rules. Rules that only pertain to them that would help balance out the Large number of models that players will be able to field.

So here's what I've come up with at the Moment.

WAAAAAGH! (Card inserted into activation) move all orc units up to 6cm. If orc units come into contact with enemy units, orc units may make a Combat attack. If attacked unit is destroyed, then unit may move another 6cm. If contact is made with an enemy unit, a combat attack may be made (lather, rise, repeat).

Mob Rule: Orcs are brave as long as there is another orc around to compete with for glory and bloodshed. Orc Infantry units do not roll morale checks due to loses until there is only one model left unless specified by another rule such as a faction special rule.

Recycled Technology: Orcs equipment is used / scavanged from previous battlefields and the ranged weapons re designed to make big boom noises, hence they are prone to misfirings. When Type 1 or Type 2 Ork Infantry Units make shooting attacks, only 1/2 of the unit may shoot, the other half is clearing jammed weapons.

Furious Charge: On the Activation where an Orc unit enters into combat, attack roll required is read as one result better (ie 4+ is now a 3+).

"Shuddup 'n listen ta me!": An Ork officer may execute one member of the ork unit he is attached to instead of spending LP in order to take a unit from Disorganized to Valiant.
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On the Officer Titles: I have come to realize that there are characters like Kaptain Badruck (or what ever his name is). So I've come to the conclusion that Orks have similar titles for their leaders as humans do except the Warboss. That title will be reserved for the Rank 5 position. So I'll be posting an update list of the officer titles in the next post.

If anybody is watching this blog and the development of the Orks for AT-43, I would appreciate your comments.


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