Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ork Conversion (Factions)

As I mentioned in my post the other day, I'm converting GW Warhammer 40k Orks to be used in AT-43.

I'm going to start off with the Factions for the Ork army. Unfortunately Orks don't have factions, so I based them on some of the different Ork tribes.

If you have any comments, please let me know. I have not had a chance to play test yet since I don't have all the units worked out yet.

Advantage: All Combat attacks are read as one result better.
Disadvantage: Cannot take any unit that has the "stealth" special ability.
Platoon Pattern:
Infantry Unit (**)!
Infantry Unit (**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/**/***)
Armored fighting vehicle unit (*)
Armored fighting vehicle unit (*/**/***)

Evil Sunz
Advantage: AFV's can capture objectives.
Disadvantage: Lose game if all AFVs are destroyed.
Platoon Pattern:
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**/***)!
Armored Fighting Vehicle Unit (*/**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/**)

Snake Bites
Advantage: Gain +1 extra infantry fighter / rank for free.
Disadvantage: If Commander Dies, morale must be rolled every activation and is read at one result lower

Platoon Pattern:
Infantry Unit (*/**)!
Infantry Unit (*/**/***)
Infantry Unit (*/***)
Infantry Unit (*/***)
Armored fighting vehicle unit (*/**/***)

Advantage: All heroes gain the "stealth" special ability (and pass it on to the unit they are attached to).
Disadvantage: Must roll morale not to go after the most "high tech" enemy unit (start with Rank 3 AFV's and work your way down the list)

Platoon Pattern:
Infantry unit (*/**)!
Infantry unit (*/**)
Unit of soldiers (***)
Unit of Soldiers (***)
Armored fighting vehicle unit (*/**/***)

I tried to follow the Ork Codex as best I could for these tribes and think of the AT-43 Universe and attempt to fit them in. Again, there's been no play testing, but I'm steadily working on the units so hopefully I'll have that by months end.

I'll post items as I come up with them. If you want to leave comments, please do so.

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If you would like help with this project, email me at : dneff23@hotmail.com. I would love to contribute and help playtest an Ork list for AT-43.