Friday, February 20, 2009

Ork-43 Infantry (Type 1) Gretchin

I've created my first Type * (1) infantry unit for Ork-43 (what I'm calling my conversion of Warhammer 40k Orks to AT-43). Please be reminded that no playtesting has been done yet so when all is said and done, this might not be balanced.... YET! Once I have all the units and costs done my group will be play testing and modifications will be made. Once the whole document is finished, I will be posting the "Army Book" and people will be able to download it for free. I will also try to come up with Cards for these units. If anyone knows a good artist that would like to volunteer for that job, I'd be glad to have the help. Otherwise people will be stuck with my crappy photoshop skills.

But without Further ado....

Gretchin (Size 1)
Type: 1
Number(s): 10 to 30
Standard Equipment: Blasta and Stabba
Optional Equipment: Grenades
Special Weapons: None
Specialists: Mekanik
Officers: Rank 1

Gretchin (size 1) MV: 12, Mrl: 6, Armor: 3, Combat: 3
                                              Range   ROF  AOE  PEN
Standard Ranged Weapons:
Grot Blasta                             0         4/0       -        3/1
Mêlée weapon
Grot Stabba                            5         1/0       -        5/1
Optional Weapons:
GRENADES (indirect fire)      0         1/0      1        4/1

Equipment      Standard Number(1)      Maximum Number(2)      Extra Fighter
Standard                         30 AP                                    90 AP                           +3 AP
Grenades                         80 AP                                 240 AP                           +8 AP

(1) 10 Gretchin, including 0 to 2 specialists + 0 to 1 officer
(2) 30 Gretchin, including 0 to 6 specialists + 0 to 1 officer

Mekanik: The mekanik has the "Repair" ability. At the beginning or at the end of his unit's activation he can repair a friendly armored fighting vehicle within 2.5cm of him. The armored fighting vehicle recovers 1 SP in a location chosen by the player. Destroyed parts may be repaired.

A Gretchin officer cannot be the Company Commander of any Ork company unless Gretchen are the only Ork unit on the field even if there are Ork units that do not contain an officer that are not Gretchin.

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