Wednesday, February 3, 2010


As in my last post, we got the house and we actually moved in over the Christmas school break (I took two weeks of holiday from work).

Moving over a holiday type week is not the brightest move I've made in my life. It was raining, it was cold and it took 7 truck loads (17ft) to get our stuff from out of the valley.

And it has taken me this long to post.... trying to get the townhouse ready for renting, trying to unpack... having to own a car now to get to where we need to go.

I never realized how much time was being wasted when we used to own a car. Having not owned one for 7 years, you get used to taking your time, but it's constructive time. You can read, talk on the phone... can't do that when your driving.

Lots has changed with this move. Biggest is my commute has shortened. I am now using a vanpool and I leave 1/2 hour later and get home at the same time, but I don't have to shuffle out 1/2 hour early and only take a 1/2 hour lunch. So that's nice. My coworkers appreciate my not running out to catch the bus. The vanpool is much more predictable and there are no smelly bums on it, or people who vomit in the middle of the isle.

I mentioned the bonus room, which is slowly coming together. I am going to be putting in a "workbench". It will be a kitchen counter top put in on one corner and run almost the length of one wall. That should give me plenty of room for a desk for my computer and when I'm on call with work, as well as painting/building station for mini's and terrain.

In the garage is a workshop and I finally got my drill press up and running. I had purchased it about 8 months ago and due to a water leak in the garage at the townhouse I was unable to set it up. So it sat in the box. Well I got it out of the box put it together and now I'm drilling like a MOFO! In what would take me 30 minutes with a hand drill, I was able to complete in about 15 minutes. That's HALF THE TIME! WHOOT!

So I'm hoping now that once the Townhouse is rented (we have someone lined up and they should be moving in the first of March) that will be off my plate and hopefully I can make a video of how to make the display boards I've been working on for all the Mini's I own. From concept to finished product.

And hopefully I won't ignore this blog too much. Yea I know wishful thinking ;).


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