Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well we finally got the house stuff all worked out.

Man am I glad. What a pain in the butt.

Here's a pic of the house.....

I had totally forgotten what a pain it is to buy a house. Shopping for the house... FUN! Deciding which house after you have seen a few... FUN! Paperwork to purchase the house.... NOT FUN! :D

And going with a VA backed loan drags the process out at least another two weeks.

But I am SO JAZZED that the process is over. Now we are doing some light cleaning (like carpets, walls, dusting) and a few repair items, we'll be moving in very soon.

The Bonus Room (where I'll be doing my actual gaming) is 12'x15'.... or 3.657 Meter's by 4.572 Meter's (for the European Community). Depending on how much the Diplay cases take up (as well as my Workstation), I'm thinking at least 2 4'x4' tables which can be combined into a 4'x8' table. If it's possible, I'll be putting in three or four 4'x4' tables. If that's not possible, I'll see about 4'x3' tables. Combining those would make two 4'x6' tables.

Here's some pics of the bonus room...

I'll be removing the shelves on the wall since I have my own bookcase and two display cases.

The Garage has a workshop. Although I'm going to have an electrician come out and check the Power Panel vs how many power tools I'll have running.

There is room for my drill press, but not for the table saw. That will have to go out in the garage.

I'll post more of course now that the "danger" has been averted. The valley could still flood, but I won't be in it.

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