Monday, November 9, 2009

Saga So Far

To continue on the "Flood" saga.....

We found a house on the East Hill that we liked and put in an offer. It was accepted. Before the economic downturn, I would not have been able to afford this house. But the house is really cool. Not only do I get a gaming room (aka the "Bonus Room"), I also get a workshop along with part of the 3 car garage to put my Radial Arm saw, routing table and other large power tools that will create a lot of wood dust and make it easy to clean up.

The workshop is really nice with a bench with power and shelving already in place. There is a place for my Drill press and other smaller power tools. Once I have everything in place I'll post pictures.

I'm jazzed because I can now, supposedly, have the room and ability to create all the terrain I want and actually have a place to paint mini's etc. This will allow me to finish the mini trays that I had been posting pictures of and I am hoping to actually make a tutorial that I can post on YouTube.

So stay tuned to this space for further updates. (Just an FYI we should be moving over the US Thanksgiving Day Holiday.) I should be posting more frequently (but then don't I always promise that? :D ).

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