Saturday, March 6, 2010

On my way....

With the new house, I've stated that I should be hobby-ing and playing very soon.

Well, the first few steps have been completed. I already spoke of the workshop... that's coming along wonderfully. Just need to be better organized on what goes in there and what goes in.....

My new HOBBY ROOM!!!

I put up a kitchen countertop to use as a desk/hobby table. And it is WONDERFUL. Just got it up today and got my MAC setup and all... HMM HMM GOOD! Take a look!

Now there's plenty of room to work from home (as necessary) AND be able to build, paint, etc.... The Room is now a disaster area (had to move a bookcase) with books, old desk, etc taking up lots of room. I need to move the display cases so they actually look good in the room, etc and have room for the bookshelf for all the rulebooks, etc.

I'm also designing two gaming tables that will go in the room so we have a place to actually play. I'll be making them modular in nature so if necessary they can either fold up or be attached together depending on the size of the game played...

Come to think of it, having six 2x2' tables instead of two 4x6' tables. I haven't decided yet. I'm mainly thinking that since I own a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard from Games Workshop, it is 4x6' at it's largest size, with each tile being 2x2'. But Ex-Illis can come with a bunch of 1x1' tiles to make a battle board.... so I'm torn. But 2x2' would be a single GW tile or 4 Ex-Illis tiles.

Guess I'll be hitting various games forums to see what sizes are normal for certain games (I know that for 40k, WFB, AT-43 and Confrontation that bigger most of the time is better.) Some games like Warmachine are determined by the size of the Battle. Of course I'm going off of the original Prime book and not the Latest MKII rules. I'll be getting those once all the army books are out and I can just grab everything all at once.

But then I have games like Monsterpocalypse.... while technically a miniature game, it has a predetermined size map.... I've thought about actually creating modular maps for the game based on the size of the squares, but have not figured out how to lock them together. Once I figure that out... booyah! Plenty of that type of Gaming Goodness will be happening.

Then I also play Old West games like Gutshot Cowboy Wars, and Tombstones and Tumbleweeds. They can take decent size tables, especially when doing a reproduction of an authentic old west town.

Now a game like Chaos in Carpathia and its sci-fi version, Chaos on Chronos, can be played on a 2x2' or 4x4' play space.

See the dilemma on the table creation?

I'm sure I'll figure it out and it will be AWESOME!

Stay tuned for more awesome stuff coming down the pipe.

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Matt said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see it in person.