Sunday, September 4, 2011

What my painting looks like...

Since I've stated I've been painting, I thought I'd share some photo's. My Necron's have had a coat of Boltgun Metal for about a year now. I started putting a heavy dry brush of GW's Chainmail to give it some highlights. I'll be following that up with a very light Mithril Silver on just the high area's that might get some light. That should make the POP a little. With all the Necrons I have though, it's tough... ie monotonous.

You can also see the Vampire Evil Cossack Guards in the mix as well as some Warhammer Tomb Kings, part of a Carniflex, the actual Vampires for the Evil Cossacks to Guard, a Mage Knight figure that needs Fixin' and an AT-43 Red Block that needs fixin too.

Some Necrons wait in silence... waiting for the stroke of Chainmail :D

And those that have received the stroke...

And the Ultimate Necron....

I finished my Werewolves a while ago (along with their wolf "henchmen" that I can sacrifice during a game of Chaos in Carpathia as needed.

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Dave said...

What did you do to get that blue tint to your necrons?
Looks awesome, was thinking about using it for Grey Knights.