Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting Again

It’s been a while. Trying to get the Real Estate Business up and running along with the Day Job has been a massive Time Sink.

In order to try to get some stress relief I started watching Mini Wargaming Dot Com terrain videos. I really like how Dave and Matt put the time and effort into creating the video’s that they do. Unfortunately to get the video’s first hand, you have to belong to their Vault, and I’m a little too cheap for that. So I have to wait. I do purchase the DVD collections that they come up with and they are quite good and definitely worth the money.

So, what am I painting?

I’m trying to get my Cossack Dracula Guards (by Old Glory Miniatures) ready to use with Chaos in Carpathia. (Highly recommended ruleset btw).

While I wait for the paint to dry on those mini’s, I am drybrushing GW’s Chainmail onto my Necrons to give them some highlights. Since I purchased the large battleforce that GW does not offer anymore, I have 90 warriors, a Necron Lord, 6 Destroyers, and a Monolith. That’s a lot of dry brushing. Hell that was a lot of Bolt Gun metal over Chaos Black....

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