Thursday, November 4, 2010


If you've been watching the Gaming News, then you have heard that Rackham Entertainment is being liquidated. Hopefully another company will pick up the IP for both AT-43 and Confrontation.

Mix that with a shop in Redmond Washington called Games and Gizmos that had a 1/4 wall of AT-43 they were trying to get rid of at 30% off.

I had been in buying a little at a time..... then I took a Real Estate Class and the montra was "ask for the discount".

So when we (the mrs and I) were in and I was going to get some more, my MRS. asked "if he buys it all, can we get an extra discount"..... Well the woman who was helping us had "decision making authority" so it wound up being a really NICE DISCOUNT. So I purchased the whole lot. Most were Karman and Therian with some UNA and Red Block intermixed.

I feel bad kinda because I know they lost money on that deal, but then business decisions need to be made (so they can put up stock that will actually move). So I purchased Pulp Monster's Pulp City boxed Sets of the Heroe's and Villans at full retail, and I'll be back for more.

But Here's the mix of AT-43 items (unboxed, magnetized and marked for identification)

And yes, I've been absent for a bit (gee is that a surprise?) but I burned out at work and tried for another position, didn't get it but got another one. So things have settled down, which means (hopefully) that I'll be able to put more time into my Favorite hobby as well as this blog.

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