Friday, May 8, 2009

Computers Suck

We had a power outage a week or so ago and my PC started acting up. So it became so bad that I really, really needed to get a new box.

So I got an iMac. I've been a PC "dude" since 1982 when the original IBM PC came out. Now I'm a UNIX Guru, having Linux or FreeBSD boxes in and out around the house, but supporting and having to constantly rebuild or compile my own drivers, etc... sucks. So I wanted a Unix variant that was supported by manufacturers and a company that would actually fix bugs that are reported and I don't have to compile anything.... unless I write it myself.

So now things are being ported over and hopefully I will be done soon.

Oh, why an iMac and not a MacBook Pro? Twenty Four Inches of Real Estate... now I have 48" of screen.... OMG!!! So the iMac has a 24" built in monitor and I have a 24" Dell monitor from my Windows Box. WHOOOT!!!!

Once I get stuff converted over and transferred, etc, etc. I'll be posting more!


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