Friday, October 5, 2007

Gothic Horror Wargaming

I have gotten a bug in me (really, I'm home sick) and that has given me time to shop around for games (duh!.... LOL). I found a few months back, Chaos in Carpathia by Scott H. Pyle. I have spent the last few weeks reading over the rules and playing some test battles to see if I like the game. I am now hooked on Gothic Horror Wargaming.

Chaos in Carpathia is a small unit skirmish game (no more than 5-10 models per side, you could have more, but the average is 5-10) that pits Human Monster Hunters against Werewolves against Vampires against Treasure Hunters.

The system is based on goals. Attacking players roll a certain number of dice attempting to hit a goal number, adding in traits. Defending players also roll to try to obtain their own goals to ward off the attacking players goals.

At the moment I do not have many (in fact I have no miniatures specifically for Gothic Horror Wargaming. But Blue Moon Manufacturing has some over the top miniatures exactly suited for this game. Oh wait... Blue Moon also makes Chaos in Carpathia.

Check out the poses on these Werewolves.... That's AWESOME.

And the cool thing is... Old Glory Miniatures has a membership where you pay $50 bucks up front, then get a 40% discount on what they sell..... if you spend $125, you break even, but with all the SUPER STUFF that they sell.... you'll be making bank on that deal!

Yea, I know, quit advertising for someone else... LOL. Not advertising, just letting fellow gamers know where the great things are in life. ;)

For terrain that matches the whole Gothic Scene is the Shellendrak Manor by World Works Games. Matt Lyons (the designer, developer) did a fantastic job, and it fits perfectly in with the whole Gothic Horror Wargaming scene. So much in fact that he included his own little freebie game in it. I hope there's more coming down the pipe to fit that line as well. A graveyard / mausoleum would be nice.... And for having the battles take place in a town, Village Works will fit just fine for those rustic, gothic, East European look. I watched Van Helsing the other day and the town sure looked close to what Village Works has to offer, only darker...

But I highly recommend the Chaos in Carpathia rules. And once my Blue Moon Miniatures arrive, I'll let you know how those turned out as well.



P.S. I am a Wargamer!

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