Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I really need to put a stupid picture here.......

Excuses, Excuses. I guess I need to put a stupid picture here to try and make up for my absence from updating my blog.

My wife (after visiting with the relatives when her Aunt died) decided that hardwood floors and repainting the townhouse with accent walls etc would be a good idea. I don't know why it wasn't for the last 5 years, but I guess I'm an idiot.

So a destroying we go. After tearing up my eldest's room and then attempting to do the flooring (his room is "angle hell") the rest of the house should be easy. I even had the whole last week off to do this freakin' project figuring that I would be done with at least the upstairs. Oh no. That freakin' room from "angle hell" took all freakin' week. We just got the molding done and will be starting in the hall, proceeding to the room over the garage and then on to the master bedroom and bath.

What does all this have to do with Miniatures and Miniature wargaming? Not one damn thing, except for the time it's eaten into. But I have to admit, seeing the flooring and walls come along gives me a sense of accomplishment so hopefully when this is all done, I can tie the wife up, put her in a closet and actually start working seriously on my minis. I have a huge pot of spakle so I can start doing some proper basing.

I have been buying bugs of various sorts for quiet a few months now so I can have a bug war using the 5150 rules from Two Hour games. I have the fliers on clear stands and the crawlers on round 25, 40, and 50mm bases covered in spackle which will be painted and flocked...

I've also been working on the Bug holes by taking AOL CD's that I have been collecting over the last 10 years and using spackle to build up the holes. Guess I should write a tutorial and post that to the blog or my normal site Cerebral Cortex of the Damned (dot com).

I'm hoping too that next month the $$ won't be flowing out to Home Depot and Lowes and will be going to my hobbies again. I want to get Alpha Forges new Mephallians (Ok I already own some, but I WANT MORE!!! LOL) and the new rule set is out in print which covers the Mephs. Man oh man, blind aliens that are like blind cave fish.... I'm horny already... :D

I also have to finish my APE gang that I have been converting. I really want those done. Arabin and I missed this months (July) due to my construction in the townhouse. I also got hit by a car while on my bicycle on July 7th. The lady was not watching where she was going and t-boned me. Thankfully I saw her at the last minute and was able to raise my left leg and step on her hood before she broke my leg. She unfortunately stepped on the accelerator instead of the break and sent me flying into traffic. I am OK, but my bike was totalled. It was only 2 months old and BOOM... I had just picked it up from the bike shop for a tune up. Boy was I pissed. But she and her family were really nice and they purchased me a new bike to make up for destroying mine. Since I am uninjured I let it go with just that. I'm sure they thought I would sue, but I'm not like that. Cover my expenses, etc. and were done.

Too bad I couldn't use the accident as an excuse to not work on the townhouse and do my hobbies, but I want the townhouse finished. It is all torn up and we have to put everything from one room into another in order to paint and floor that room. So stuff is piled high, really high.

The one cool thing about it is, 1) getting ride of old stuff, and 2) finding toys I purchased 10-15 years ago to use as gaming pieces... so more fun stuff to convert, etc.

Guess I better put up and go to bed...


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